Nuke Roto/Paint Work

Digital Fusion Roto/Paint Work

Early VFX Work

John Adams

(Awarded an Emmy)
Roto/Paint (Fusion & Photoshop):
  • Rig removal
  • Roto & mattes
  • Set extensions

The Kite Runner

(Maya & Photoshop)
Compositing, Modeling & Texturing:
  • Modeled and textured crowd characters
  • Modeled the stadium
  • Composited bridge shot

Spider-Man 3

(Maya & Photoshop)
Modeling & Texturing:
  • Character modeling
  • Object modeling
  • Texturing for characters & objects

Pan’s Labyrinth

(Digital Fusion & Photoshop)
Roto & Keying, Tracking & Paintout:
  • Roto for actor hands, legs & mouth
  • Marker removal on many shots
  • Paintout miscellaneous objects and crew members 

Scary Movie 4

(Digital Fusion & Photoshop)
Roto & Keying for Mattes & Paint:
  • Roto for bus windows and running actors
  • Mattes & roto for for falling jewelry
  • Paint for tentacle shadows

Snakes On A Plane

(Digital Fusion & Photoshop)
Roto, Mattes & Paintout:
  • Roto for cat, cage, flowers, snakes & actor hands
  • Mattes & roto for background replacement
  • Extensive paint work to remove tubes squirting blood on actor’s right cheek


(Digital Fusion & Photoshop)
Roto, Mattes & Paintout:
  • Roto for satchel, actor hands and egg prop
  • Mattes for disintegration effect
  • Background replacement

Spider-Man 2

(Digital Fusion)
Wire removal:
  • Bank walls, floor and stuntman
  • Across crowd faces, tree, moving vehicles and street
  • Train, brick backgrounds, windows and costume

The Last Samurai

(Lightwave, Photoshop & Digital Fusion)
  • Modeled & textured the buildings along the harbor and in the background
  • Roto’ed foreground characters to add additional background characters
  • Arrows were painted out then added in digitally
  • Keying on background horses to add the bonfires, smoke & fighters