Steve Hutchins is skilled in various communication arts to enhance your connection to your public. He learns software very quickly and sticks with a technical challenge until it is understood and solved. His movie industry experience is invaluable when you need to have an IMPACT.

Since the technology is in flux, especially regarding the internet and web delivery, it is wonderful to have a guy who can sort out technical problems when they surface.

The most engaging sites and blogs today use video extensively. By its nature, it grabs the viewer and entertains or engages while educating. Even book sellers are using Hollywood style trailers for their books. Here is an example on the bottom of, Terry Goodkind’s homepage. Another book, Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson – Book Video Trailer. This trailer is another example — SHATTER ME Official Book Trailer. Dan Brown, too, uses book trailers; here are a couple: Inferno and Deception Point.

Whether you are promoting your company, your service, or a book; VIDEOS HAVE IMPACT! USE THEM!